About Us

Welcome to Flyest Drone, your number one source for all high flying drones and virtual reality headsets! We have the best prices that can’t be beat and FREE SHIPPING on all of our products for any customers within the United States.

Take a look at our selection and if there is a question that you have about a Drone or VR Headset, feel free to reach out to info@flyestdrone.com! We guarantee the highest quality products!

Here at Flyest Drone, we encourage all Drone Flyers to Join our community and give feedback on any products you like. We focus on High-End Quad Copters for the true Enthusiasts and also VR products for those Fanatics who love to immerse themselves in another World. Whether you’re looking for a birds eye view or that of a surfer through a VR Headset, we have it all for you here at www.flyestdrone.com.

If you have footage of yourself flying your drone please send it to info@flyestdrone.com so we can see once and for all who really has THE FLYEST DRONE!