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How To Choose The Best Drone For a Beginner

We’re so glad you can join us here at FlyestDrone.com and wanted to share some pointers as to how to select the best Drone for a Beginner. Let’s begin by figuring out what exactly you intend on using the drone for. Are you using the drone for recreational use and just for fun or entertainment? Maybe even flying your drone at the park every once in a while? Or are you buying this drone so you can take pictures of those tough to capture angles? Are you a photographer/cinematographer, construction project manager, oil & mining manager or something along those lines? The First Step is Figuring out whether you’re flying for fun or flying for photos/video.


If you fall under the first category of first time drone buyers shopping for recreational use, remember that you may not want to invest too much money on your first drone.  1st time drone flyers are known to crash every now and then.  So to avoid breaking your first costly drone, shop smart! Also, if you’re purchasing a drone for entertainment as an enthusiast, another thing to keep in mind is that a Camera is optional. If you do prefer to have one anyway, it doesn’t necessarily need to have the best picture quality available.   Spending an abundant amount of money, just to have a high picture quality Quad-copter with a state of the art camera may be flashy, but it will also break your heart to see it colliding with concrete the very first time you crash it.  Smart drone flyers are conservative and careful when flying.


If you are shopping for a Drone for work purposes or for the intent of capturing Great HD quality images or videos that makes it easier. You can then begin by searching “Drone with HD Camera” in Search Engines. That will instantly minimize your options to those most relevant for you and your needs.  Battery life is one of the most important features. The longer you can fly the drone in one charge, the more images you can capture in one outing! The time it takes to recharge the battery is also critical to understand.

Combine all of the above mentioned tips with Brand Comparison, Reviews, Cameras and Picture Quality along with Price and you are now on the right path. For assistance with choosing your very first drone, please feel free to email our support team here at info@flyestdrone.com! We hope we have helped you in your hunt for your first Quad-Copter and look forward to seeing you here at www.FlyestDrone.com!

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