A World With Drones!


A world with Drones? Who would have though that by the year 2019 we would be delivering products using machines? Ok, guilty. Most of us did, just not in the form of drones. We probably imagined something more along the lines of C-3PO from Star Wars knocking on the door.  So I guess it’s not that surprising that drones have become such a hot commodity these days and not only for fun flying adventure but also for businesses.


Last week, standing on my porch at night, I noticed something with bright lights hovering in the sky about a half mile away. I live on top of a hill so we had great line of sight to the mysterious object.  At first glance, I, like most people assumed it was a UFO. After all, it looked like something from a movie the way it was so still and yet shifting very slowly. The lights on it were so bright and vibrant it was almost as clear as the lights you would see on the bottom of a plane passing by above you.  But I knew this was no plane.

I continued to chase it down as I really had nothing better to do. It looked like it was maybe a few blocks away. The closer I got the smaller the object appeared to be. Finally I arrived and as I got just beneath the floating drone, the owner, holding the remote control looked at me and smiled. I had so many questions. Like what kind of drone was it? Part of the reason why I was so curious was also because the battery life was outstanding. It was flying from the moment I spotted it until the moment I arrived about 7 blocks down. He then informed me it was the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Since that day I’ve been a huge DJI enthusiast.  You can find the Phantom 4 Pro on FlyestDrone.com.

But who would have thought we’d be living in a WORLD WITH DRONES?

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